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We get to know and analyse your needs, we advise effective solutions. We help you administer your bills and finances. We care about your capital in the context of management, optimization and investment. We save you time and money. We simplify your life by allowing you to focus on the activities that you value most.

Year 2017

In the last year alone, we managed over 115 million PLN in Capital. The profit of our Clients amounted to nearly PLN 21 million PLN.


Managed Capital

over 115 million PLN


The profit of our Clients

nearly PLN 21 million PLN

The key to the success of our Clients is a conservative approach, using innovative solutions. It includes protection and simultaneous multiplication of capital, generational planning, asset optimization, taxes and consulting as well as lifestyle services. We combine all of this into a single, long-term strategy.

Your Profit and Financial Security set us in the Right Direction.

We apply an integral approach in which a practical and adapted methodology builds the quality of partner relationships and trust between all your advisors. Responsibly, we collect information from the partners indicated by you, to build a full picture of your financial well-being on this basis.

We are proud of our accessibility, independence and flexibility. HomeLand does not sell products or receive commission. We are an independent subject and an objective source of information for you. We are your key to financial success.

At HomeLand, we only work with proven entities, such as: law firms, tax advisors, banks, TFI, brokerage houses, charitable institutions and real estate agents. The basis of our action is independence, full transparency and objectivity, which is why none of these entities have a business relationship. The only HomeLand payment comes from the Client, which guarantees a full convergence of interests.

How Can We Help You?

Base-building values and
transaction consulting

We are experts in the building value of land. We represent owners in beneficial sales of property.
On the road leading to a sale, the most common problem is the first step, adequate documentation preparation concerning real estate. It’s associated with large architectural and legal costs, it’s also time consuming and requires technical knowledge, negotiation skills and adequate business contacts. Good product preparation allows to successfully build a high value of the owned land because its value is not based on the actual condition, but on its investment abilities which investors seek.
Throughout the whole process, finished with a satisfactory sale, the Homeland team can accompany you.

We are experts in the building value of land.
Real Estate Advisory

Real Estate Advisory

Investing in real estate is a rather attractive form of securing and investing in property. Due to the substantial diversity of the market, the success of the transaction is determined by excellent knowledge of the industry and constant access to attractive, non-public offers. Using knowledge, we analyse return rates and profit for you. After the purchase, we help with commercialization and management, flexibly in relation to your goals.

  • We prepare a dedicated offer with a guarantee of an attractive rate of return and help in financing
  • We negotiate and support you at every stage of the transaction both from the legal and financial side
  • We manage, commercialize, and report on profitability

Corporate Finance & Investment Banking

As part of this service, we create dedicated capital solutions, guided by the principle of maximizing profits. We analyse data and develop portfolios, only in the context of promising trends, in the indicated sector of the financial market. We help in obtaining financing and capital, we value enterprises and oversee mergers and acquisitions. We support you in making strategic decisions regarding the most convenient moments for acquiring assets and repayment of liabilities, whilst always bearing the expected profit in mind.

Corporate Finance & Investment Banking
Business Consulting

Business Consulting

A good business is based on understanding. Modern companies need to grow. Act as efficiently as possible and make the most of information and technology if they want to remain competitive in their markets. At HomeLand, we offer you a range of services based on our knowledge of business requirements. From analytics and optimization of organizational and business processes, through the assessment of potential investment ideas, to change management and projects. During all processes, we focus on your priorities and provide you with measurable results, based on well-tested methodology and solid experience.

Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Asset management is a consultation process, during which we focus on satisfying your specific needs by providing appropriate solutions. Its key factors are achieving balance and profit. We achieve this thanks to the coordination of our team of experts and an integrated approach to managing your assets.

Our offer is a professional service, which includes:

  • Analytics and reporting on the subject of property status
  • Monitoring and reporting of internal and external threats
  • Financial and investment consulting, including investment portfolio management
  • Accounting, tax and legal services.

our Profit and Financial Security set us in the Right Direction

6 Benefits of Working With Us


Asset management should always be carried out as efficiently as possible – thus minimising costs and optimising operations. It is much more cost-effective to carefully monitor activity in each of the ranges, while improving the quality of services.


At any time, you know how the structure of your investments looks, thanks to one asset listing. You can also respond to threats more easily and take advantage of opportunities. Integrated information makes it much easier to make investment decisions and gives you a sense of confidence in your relationships with business partners and legal or tax advisors.


We analyse on your behalf, without revealing your identity, solutions that are interesting for you or products and services proposed by external consultants. We maintain full discretion regarding the status of your portfolio.


We always stand by your side, supporting you substantively and organisationally. Our remuneration depends solely on you, as we are not in any way affiliated with other financial institutions, investment funds or banks. Thanks to our neutrality, you gain an objective look and make the right decisions. Your goals are our goals, that’s why we always look for the best solutions for you in investment, legal and tax areas.


Our integral approach to your portfolio allows you to save at least a few days each month. HomeLand, taking over the majority of organizational and analytical tasks, gives you additional free time – an invaluable commodity in a personal context and the development of new businesses.


Contact us with any property related case, and we’ll take care of the rest. On the off chance that your query exceeds our own competences, we will find the right support for you with the help of our trusted external partners.


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