Your time is the most important to us

What do we deal with at Homeland? Most of all, we make your life easier.

Our team of specialists thoroughly analyses your needs in order to create effective solutions. We know how to make good use of your budget to optimally manage your investment.

Save the most precious thing you have – your time. We will take care of your finance.

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Year 2020

We brokered the sale of almost 0.5 million space utility and residential premises for the amount of nearly PLN 600 million.

totalled at ca. 200 m PLN
were carried out on a surface of over 300 hectares

Our Standards

  • We offer complex solutions – fully prepare areas for investments, conduct due diligence research and deep analysis. We plan optimal investments for each property to significantly increase its value.
  • We cooperate with well-established professionals – architects, developers, estate agents, lawyers, tax advisors, banks, investment funds and brokerage houses. We believe that trust is the best path to fruitful cooperation.
  • Accessibility, flexibility and independence are our ingredients in the recipe for good cooperation. We are not associated with any financial institution and provide fully objective advice. Our goal is simple – your financial success.
  • We protect and develop your capital at the same time, using innovative solutions to optimize our actions and achieve maximum profit.
  • Our approach is holistic. We always cooperate with experts and use their experience, blending it with our practical, tailored methodology. We collect a full scope of data to prepare a complex strategy of development.

What can we do for you?


We know that a home is the highest place for each of our Clients.

Therefore, from the very beginning, we create energy from the flight to make dreams come true. We create the quality of architectural services for the optimal use of real estate, giving it value processing.


How do we operate?


  • create concepts and architectural studies that build high value of the product.
  • prepare professional offers and actively look for investors interested in buying.
  • create complete investment processes for entities interested in entering a given market.
  • have a database of unique properties for sale available only to our business partners.
  • have a database of ready-made investment land verified in terms of formal and legal conditions, available only to our partners.


Selling a land property is a complicated process.

Preparing a good property sale offer is costly, time-consuming and requires a lot of knowledge, negotiation skills and good business contacts. At HomeLand we operate broadly and in cooperation with experts.

Maximising profits from a property is our specialty. With our help the whole process of sale becomes far easier and more effective.

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How do we operate?


  • prepare contracts which guarantee safety of our Clients and their interests;
  • create concepts and architectural projects which build up the product’s value;
  • prepare professional offers and actively search for investors interested in purchase;
  • represent our Clients at every stage of our cooperation;
  • organise cooperation with architects, lawyers and appraisers.
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Project Management

We have many years of experience in the real estate market.

Our knowledge and attention to detail allow us to manage even the most complex and multi-stage investment projects. Working with the best professionals on the market, we develop an action plan, supervise every stage of the investment and create qualitatively refined projects on the real estate market.

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How do we cooperate?

  • We look for real estate for investment.
  • We carry out due diligence with attention to every legal aspect of the real estate.
  • Likewise, we develop a comprehensive business plan.
  • Furthermore, we create unique architectural designs from scratch.
  • We verify the design documentation.
  • We control the course of implementation in terms of deadlines, logistics, work stages and settlements.
  • We carry out the entire formal and legal procedure up to and including GNP.
  • Likewise, we exercise executive supervision over the planned investment.
  • We prepare and implement a marketing and sales strategy.
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Due Diligence

We help our preparation for the investment process so that it can be carried out safely and efficiently.

Due Diligence, a multi-faceted real estate analysis service.

We comprehensively collect and verify information on real estate brokerage, risk assessment with acquisition and indication of ways to minimize it.

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What do we do during the real estate audit?

  • Verification of the legal status

We check each investment for legal purposes. We analyse in detail the content of land and mortgage registers, easements and all civil law contracts related to real estate. Furthermore, we check whether a given property is burdened with debts and, if necessary, help to resolve claims issues.

  • Technical condition assessment

During the technical audit, we verify the technical condition of buildings and planning conditions. At the same time, we check or perform the necessary geological surveys, drilling or dendrological reports. We define issues related to the provisions on environmental protection and conservation protection. Our analysis allows you to detect possible construction violations, pollution or an increased water level in a given area.

  • Business analysis

We know how to use a given property. Our many years of experience allow us to indicate the optimal way to develop a given land and to design its change. In addition, we identify in detail the risks associated with the purchase of real estate and indicate ways to minimize it.

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Real Estate Advisory

Real estate is a very attractive form of investment.

If handled properly, it is a perfect form of achieving financial security and capital placement. Transaction success is guaranteed by our knowledge of this business sector and constant access to the most attractive offers.

Use our rich experience and let us help you proceed towards your goals.

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How do we work?


  • analyse profit and return rates,
  • help commercialise and manage properties,
  • prepare dedicated offers with guaranteed return rate,
  • conduct negotiations and support you at every stage of transaction.
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6 benefits from cooperating with us

Complex services
Complex services
We will deal with each detail regarding your investments, prepare a complex course of action in cooperation with external partners and guarantee the highest level of service, regardless of the scope of your needs.
Professionalism and experience
Professionalism and experience
We possess professional knowledge and extensive experience in property management. We are familiar with the mechanisms which shape the market and know how to navigate it to reach maximum benefit. For all of our actions we apply professional approach.
Leave formalities to us
Leave formalities to us
Preparing documentation for real estate transactions is tedious and difficult. With us, you no longer have to worry about the red tape. We will prepare everything, including the necessary documentation.
Saving time
Saving time
We value your time and want you to spend it on really important matters. Leave the rest to us. We will carry out most of the analytical and organisational tasks to keep your mind at peace.
Neutrality and objectivism
Neutrality and objectivism
Cooperating with us guarantees independent approach and objective look. We are not bound to any financial institution and our actions are fully directed at your benefit. We are always at your side, providing know-how and organisational support.
Anonymity, discretion and confidentiality
Anonymity, discretion and confidentiality
No matter what we do, we always protect your privacy. We do not reveal the identity of our Clients to our external partners and maintain full financial confidentiality at every stage of cooperation. You can trust us.