Base-building values

We are experts in the building value of land. We represent owners in beneficial sales of property.

On the road leading to a sale, the most common problem is the first step, adequate documentation preparation concerning real estate. It’s associated with large architectural and legal costs, it’s also time consuming and requires technical knowledge, negotiation skills and adequate business contacts. Good product preparation allows to successfully build a high value of the owned land because its value is not based on the actual condition, but on its investment abilities which investors seek.

Throughout the whole process, finished with a satisfactory sale, the Homeland team can accompany you.

Our duties consist of:

preparing contracts guaranteeing safety and protection of client interests

creating a concept and architectural elaboration building a high value product

preparing a professional offer and actively seeking investors interested in purchasing

representing clients on every step of the collaboration concerning the sale of land

organizing cooperation with architects, lawyers, experts.

Thanks to us, selling your land will be easier and more effective – our team of experts will take care of all the formalities and negotiate the best possible price.


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